GABS Office Inauguration was a Blast!

GABS Office Inauguration was a Blast!

GABS answers to strong demands for an office that will serve the needs of Africa, partners of Africa and the Diaspora in and out of Germany. The unique 250sqm facility to which GABS office is sharing an office is located Rottenburg, in the heart of Neckar-Alb  directly close to the main road from Stuttgart Airport, facilitating access to worldwide Africa customers and their needs.

The facility offers workstations for Seminars & Trainings with modern media equipments and a well equiped kitchen for coffee breaks and finger food to participants.

Our office ” Africa worldwide center” extends GABS heritage of delivering extra ordinary service and consultancy solutions to Africa oriented  Small and Medium sized companies, organizations, communities, the African Diaspora and young Africans on the continent. “We are excited to have a place to take questions and give answers on Africa in Germany” Africa worldwide center is a great solution to Diaspora in particular.

About GABS:

GABS- German African Business Services is a service provider for Africa oriented firms, Organizations, Institutions, Communities and the Diaspora in southwest Germany and Africa. GABS platform is GAIEXPO – The worldwide Africa Tourism Expo & 9th International Afrika Festival Tübingen. We help African businesses bring their products and services on the global market and support Diaspora facing daily challenges through consultancy, seminars, trainings and more.

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Looking for a First-Class Business Plan Consultant for Africa in Germany?

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