GAIEXPO is coming!

The platform known as “International Afrika Festival Tübingen” for the past 12 years has a new parter called – GAIEXPO – German African International Expo with focus in the sector of Africa Tourism. Travel and hospitality. The organizers behind this new concept is “GABS” -German African Business Services remain the initiators of the festival. After taking a break in 2017, statistics from visitors turnout in 2018 was clear evidence and testimonials for the organizers.

Results from 15 years engagement with the festival cleary shows that 40% of our visitors came for entertainment, 60% for Information, education and contacts while 20% came for shopping, though half of the 60% became shoppers. For this reason we have initiated GAIEXPO to address the needs of Africa travelers in our region.

GAIEXPO shall provide quality products and services through professional exhibitors with long term experience in this sector.

GAIEXPO is open to exhibitors from the four corners of Africa, Germany, Europe and the world.

The new concept is already being lauded by exhibitors from the four corners of Africa and the world, the excitment keeps rising. We from GABS, organizers of GAIEXPO are happy with the response and are convinced that counterparts in Germany will join in and make GAIEXPO the platform for sustainability, thereby strengthening German Africa economy and development cooperation in all areas.

About GABS: 

German African Business Services is a family start-up from Susan and Sunjo Tatah with focus in the sector of Africa trade fair services, Consultancy services and Catering and Eventsmanagerment services with interest to Germans, Africa and others.

GABS has gain professional know-how with its “Afrika Festivals” in towns and vicinity in south west Germany, particularly in Neckar-alb region. We from GABS think helping the Diaspora community through consultancy, small firms through Intercultural trainings in doing business in Africa with Africans as well as upgrade the festival with professional services is the next step which we are proud of.

GABS office address: Mercedesstr. 8, 72108 Rottenburg, we are open mon. – fri 8:30 am – 4:30pm – tel: +49 7457 69 89 78 0  Email:

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