GABS Announces New Innovations for Africa this year 2019

The International Afrika Festival Tübingen has a new project ” GAIEXPO -German African International Expo” GAIEXPO shall deliver in the sector of Africa Tourism, Travel and hospitality. Its exhibitor profile are professionals with information, products and services in Africa travel sector. We from GABS initiates this new product to serve existing visitors and clients in the region who have specific needs. GAIEXPO shall share platform with Afrika Festival Tübingen,  at “Festplatz” Tübingens fairground.  It is very interesting to mention the fact that our project “Stronger for the future” initiated since 2014 with goals to empower young people shall be upgraded in this sector. GAIEXPO shall offer quality information for young people with interest in Africa – discoveries, careers, Jobs, Adventurers, Studies, Internships, Volunteering and more.

Apart from exhibition, GAIEXPO Forum shall host lots of seminars, workshops – presentations, products and related services. Interested persons can use this platform for this service. Your topic most fall in GAIEXPO sector – Tourism, travel and hospitality.

Africa is fun, sun and interesting for young people who still have enough  to discover endless opportunities in Africa. Our partners offer cheaper accomodation, low cost lifestlye for young people. We’re excited about this innovation and we know from past events and the dying need for todays young people living, studying and growing up in a more colored Germany that this innovation is on right track.

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