Black businesses and entrepreneurs will help drive Germany’s economy

Black businesses and entrepreneurs will help drive Germany’s economy

Susan Tatah – German African Business Services, hail the contribution of black own businesses in Germany but goes on to emphasis the need for support for Black Business and Entrepreneurs in Germany. The need for Africans in Germany to switch from consumer migrant to black business owners is essential and relevant, considering the growth of the black community in Germany. Taking a closer look at other migrant communities, it is obvious that many blacks are facing challenges in the job market. The future of black people in Germany shall be determined by the ability of blacks creating businesses that shall employ black Germans, therefore the need for support of black businesses is relevant to our economy but to enforce Africa – German economy and Development Corporation. It is obvious that Black businesses and entrepreneurs have a vital role to play in  bringing innovation and dynamism, as well as links to overseas markets.

As a black German residing in Baden-Württemberg, southwest region of Germany, with a Population: of 11.023.424, Southwest Germany is Europe’s number one region for innovation.

We are global Industrial giants and local champions- a strong medium-sized backbone, its strong backbone of medium-sized enterprises, many of which are world market leaders in their respective product fields.

We are champions of growth in the knowledge-intensive service sectors with close ties to manufacturing industry.

Our green technologies resource efficiency with environmentally compatible materials and sustainable production methods is unbeatable.

The more than 600.000 black community in Germany, if transformed into innovators and creators, black immigration into Germany shall be history.

About GABS –German African Business Services

Founded in 2018 with head office in Rottenburg, southwest Germany, our major goal is to empower blacks in Germany with entrepreneurship through education. We offer Intercultural trainings, seminars, workshops on Business Africa and to blacks and others with interest in Africa.

‘From finance to design and retail to food, Black entrepreneurs will champion the niche in these sectors thereby making a huge contribution to our country´s success. I want to empower more dynamic and creative individuals from the Black community to develop thriving businesses and exporting German technology through products and services into growing African markets.  I look forward to corporate with firms, local communities and government to seek out the wide range of support available at local and national level to implement our concept off the ground and help drive our economy.’

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