Africa Market

Africa Market 2019

Welcome to our Africa Market scheduled to take place from monday 29th July to sunday 4th of August 2019 at Festplatz -Tübingen, South West Region Tübingen. The Africa Market is organized by GABS – German African Business Services, our goal is offer visitors quality and expertize through professional exhibitors. Our feedback reviews from your clients show that 80% of our visitors, your clients are searching for quality products, information and education about products and services. This year we have put all services in place to assit exhibitors meet this goal.  Exhibitors interested in our Africa Market must fulfill the following conditions:

  • Products must be “Made in Africa” – a certificate of purchase is required
  • Exhibitors must be professional with a background knowledge of customer service
  • Exhibitors bring along their own tents (Tent must be wetter resistant and stable)
  • Stand must be decorated – company banners and other promotional displays
  • Exhibitors must register and pay on time to ensure promotion cost

CSR: we highly exhibitors in both the Africa Market and Tourism Exhibition to assist us keep our platform green and sustainble, we want to make our world a better place, therefore we call on you to join us achieve this – such as energy consumption – use energy serving bulbs – our market takes place in summer favored through natural sunlight. The use of Gabbage, please we have put in place container to help manage your trash, endavour to use share accommodations, youth hostels, sleep coaches, travel in groups and others. Thank you for your support.

Measures taken on our part:

  • Keep the Africa Market quality – through selective exhibitors, not more than 3 exhibitors shall be admitted from the same country with same products
  • Ensure stand presentation through professional floor plan
  • Exhibitors list 2019 with stand numbers as orientation and customize information for visitors
  • Ensure quality through visibility -stand decorations etc
  • Ensure exhibitors visibility through professional entry badges
  • Provide a stage in business lounge for exhibitors presentation and showcase – see conditions
  • Showcase exhibitors products on stage as advertisement portal
  • Reward responsible and quality exhibitors through our Award program

Recognition and Compensations 

To our long year’s exhibitors, we want you to know how much we value and appreciate your engagement over the years. We have been together through good and bad times, yet you still choose to stay with us. we offer our long term exhibitors extra 2% discount apart from 10% discount if you register and pay before dateline as recognition of your support.

Free membership

GABS offers Basic and Plus membership for every exhibitor using our platform  Plus membership get 10% discounts from total cost of participation, only exhibitors that have been with us for the past three years shall benefit from our discounts policy. ( see membership terms and conditions)

Exhibitors Coordinator:

we offer our exhibitors a professional customer services, such as your personal coordinator to take charge of all inquiries, complains and related issues.

Security Service

GABS security team shall assist during the duration of our market, we highly recommend exhibitors to take extra security measure to ensure their stands from theft etc..think of an insurance policy as investment not liability

Stand Construction & Personnal 

Our team of volunteers shall assist with your stand constructions and set up against a token fees; Should you need personnel to assist you, do not hesitate to contact us for provision.

Stand  & Badges

Africa market takes place for 7 days ( 29th July to 4th August 2019) only exhibitors that shall fulfill registration and participation terms and conditions – respecting registration and payment dateline shall be admitted. Each exhibitor receives 2 badges, extra badge is payable.

Advertisement & Sponsoring Service

GABS offers partnership and sponsoring, advertisement, promotion and communication possibilities to its exhibitors – your logos, banners, flyer promotion. Special this year is the conference lounge with facilities for product presentations, seminars and workshop. Contact for more information on how to use this service to our advantage

Exhibitors Award service

Be our award winner 2019 in the following categories – stand decorations, innovative products and services, responsible exhibitors and more. Our award winner receives additional entitlement. Our goal is to make our platform a quality platform for African businesses with professional services and  vocational trainings & Workshops

Clean Service

Though we are a market, we are not a gabbage platform! GABS green clean team assist in keeping our Africa Market clean, friendly and professional at all times, we kindly request exhibitors to provide assistance in keeping their stand sorrounding clean.

Afrika Festival Tübingen

The Int. Africa Festival Tübingen has a brand new homepage – Fresh, class and entertaining with quality entertainment – Folkloric and world class bands. Headliners 2019 are professional world class African Artist with stage expertize and entertainment Stars. Click to visit here Afrika Festival Homepage


GAIEXPO – German Africa International Expo is the new brand of GABS, an innovation that has been in development since 2014. GAIEXPO is a high end brand with interest to African countries and others in the sector of Tourism, travel and hospital. GAIEXPO is open to NGOs, Trade Associations, Tourism ministries, Church Institutions, Foundations, companies…every organization with focus on Africa in Germany, Europe and the world. GAIEXPO shall share its platform with the Africa Market with indoor exhibitions, B2B meetings, International Conference, Visitations, Touring and more.

About GABS

GABS is a small family holding, a start up with head office in Rottenburg near Tübingen. GABS offers with the following services: Africa Trade Fair & Festival Services, Catering and Event Services, Vocational & Intercultural trainings as well as Consulting Services. For quick view click under Service, for general view click GABS Homepage 

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