Taking responsibility, changing lives, building bridges, integrating disabilities and creating sustainability ...that is our role in making the world a better place!

Breaking barriers

Creating a positive impact on society and strengthen Africa as a travel  destination for global travelers : this is one of the core ideas of GABS.

Our approach is simple and practical, showcasing Africa automatically is educating the world on sustainability, climate change and environmental challenges, building a supportive team through integrating 70% refugees in our team, and to strengthen the African community in our region and Germany as a whole.

Access Free

Creating a positive impact on society and strengthen Africa as a travel  destination for global travelers : this is one of the core ideas of GABS.

GAIEXPO is access friendly for persons with handicap under the coordinator of Mrs Dunja Baumgärtner who has been a powerful supporter since the start despite her disability.

Our entry policy also supports reduction prices for Handicaps, Refugees and other social class.

Empowerment programms through high profile guest speakers contributes to educating our visitors and creating an impact in shaping and changing lives.

Environmental commitment

Action plan in the next years

  1. Reduce energy use or think of alternative energy such as solar energy  procurement – alternative  Accomodations  -waste and energy, recycling etc
  2. Encourage visitors to make sustainable travel choices – such as travelling to GAIEXPO by buses and trains rather than Cars
  3. More programms on inspiring and educating visitors on sustainability issues
  4. Work with experts to develop tool kit to keep GAIEXPO more sustainable

Challenging Employees

We recruit talents, train and employ young people thereby engaging them in taking responsibility.

70% of our employees are refugees, facing all sorts of descrimation, marginalization and rejection

This year we intend to employ and train more than 50 staffs to run the 7 days GAIEXPO in different sectors. A green team shall be recruited and trained to manage waste, first sign of our environmental management to keep GAIEXPO sustainable

Women Leadership

GABS is committed to maintain its core management board 100% women. The future of Africa shall be determined with women taking responsibility. This year we intend start an Initiative called “GAI-WOMEN” with purpose to connect women in leadership and influencial position for a better Africa.

Responsible Exhibitors

As organizers, we do all to keep our prints and communication materials ecological, we also corporate with the African community in what we call mouth to mouth communication thereby reducing the amount of print materials, saving cost and engaging people.

We advice GAIEXPO exhibitors to be responsible and contribute in every way possible to keep GAIEXPO sustainable – we intend to corporate this year with airport schuttles, car sharing, Bikes advicing nearby visitors to use alternative means than Car.

We also intend to corporate with accommodation facilities in nearby cities, providing alternative accommodation to visitors.

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